BBS Hazard Observation Program

and here are just a few highlights:

And if our built-in tools don't work for you,

We can Create Custom Observation Forms.

Do you have files and folders full of safety observations? Are you collecting observations but not using your observations? We provide you a way for you to connect to your behaviour-based safety observations, in real time and over the internet. The data is then available to everyone in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee. Our website provides framework for hazard observations that acknowledge both good and bad behavior, along with easy to fill out and customizable observation forms. Add other companies to your observations, such as your sub-contractors, and you’ll get them started on the road to safety as well. And there is much more.


Best Online BBS Observation Data
Collection Tool on the Web.

How well is your Safety Program Working?

What at-risk hazards are you observing the most? What are your safety trends over time? Are you improving or not? Do you know if your problem area is personal protective equipment or is it procedure deviations? Our Bahaviour-Based Safety program as built in graphs, charts, and tables to show you your data in a manner easily understood and explained to the work force.


Bar charts, pie charts, root cause reports, positive recognitions, man-hours reports, and more...

And that's just a start, we can create new custom reports just for you.

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